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Baby 5/8-in (16mm) Grip Arm Pin, 5-in (12.7cm) Long


This 5" (12.7cm) steel baby (5/8" - 16mm) pin is designed to be mounted in the head of a grip head, or grip arm and still have a few inches sticking out of the head where a light fixture or any other accessory with a baby receiver can be mounted.

The combination of a grip head and grip arm give you complete freedom to position your light fixtures or any accessory with a baby receiver virtually anywhere. Having a couple of these babies in your grip kit will give you unlimited possibilities.


Length 4.84 in (12.32 cm)
Width 0.61 in (1.55 cm)
Height 0.61 in (1.55 cm)
Weight 0.35 lbs (0.16 kg)