Universal Projector Mount

Universal Projector Mount

CAT #: KD303112


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The Kupo Universal Projector Mount features a base plate with slots cut in a vortex pattern for maximum flexibility, accommodating a wide array of projector types. Four small arms radiate from the base plate that connect to the projector. Below the baseplate is a ball joint giving you 360 degrees of freedom to position the projector. The ball joint is locked in place with a ratcheting handle. The design has flexible rigging options with a combination junior 1-1/8" pin and baby 5/8" receiver. This robust mount can support up to 33lbs. 

  • Vortex baseplate design to accommodate most projectors
  • Ball joint for 360 degrees of movement
  • Combination junior pin and baby receiver
  • Ratcheting handle

Product Weight: 2.64lbs (1.20lbs)

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