14' Medium Steel Overhead Roller Stand

14' Medium Steel Overhead Roller Stand

CAT #: KS600412


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Kupo 14' Medium Steel Overhead Roller Stand. Mombo combo style head allows for mounting frames lights and other light shaping tools. The added wheels allow for easy positioning when moving frames and lights around on sets locations and in-studio.
  • 14' Medium size overhead rolling stand capable of loads up to 88 lbs
  • Included wheels allows you to move the stand easily
  • 3 risers and 4 sections allows for quick placement of the column at any height up to 14'.
  • Traditional mombo combo styled top for increased flexibility for mounting lights and large overhead frames.

Product Weight: 37.84lbs (17.16kg)

Suggested Caster: KS940712

Closed Length: 159.30cm

Footprint Diameter: 186.80cm

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