18"x 24" Open End Flag Frame - White Artificial Silk

18"x 24" Open End Flag Frame - White Artificial Silk

CAT #: KG094012


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Designed primarily to control natural or artificial light on indoor or outdoor shoots. Flags are square or rectangular steel frames stitched with fabric and come with a 9.5mm diameter mounting pin welded on the steel frame for connecting a grip head (or gobo). Flags are typically used with C-Stands so you can position them into place to create contrast, change lighting ratios, add diffused light, or block light completely in specific areas. 

  • Creates contrast, changes lighting ratios, adds diffused light, or blocks light completely in specific areas
  • Typically mounted on a C-stand connected with a grip head for precise light control
  • Solid steel frame stitched with fabric
  • 9.5mm dia. mounting pin welded to the steel frame  L69
  • Weighs only 1.26lbs (0.57kg)f

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