20ft x 20ft Butterfly Frame Kit

CAT #: KG043611

Kupo Grip USA

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The Kupo 20ft x 20ft Butterfly Frame is made of heavy-duty 30mm square section aluminum tubes which can be easily locked together and disassembled for storage and transportation. Stud type frame support and safety wire are provided for mounting the buttery frame on  stands allowing for a stable frame for silks, scrims, etc. This is a 20' X 20' butterfly frame.  It can also make a 12' X 12', 8' X 8' and a 4' X 4' frame.

  • Heavy-Duty 30mm square aluminum tube
  • Easy to use slots and pin lock
  • Ear type frame supporters for precise gripping 
  • Tubes stored within the frame for easy transportation and storage

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