40in Super Grip Arm with Swivel Grip Finger

40in Super Grip Arm with Swivel Grip Finger

CAT #: KG203812


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The Kupo Super Grip Arm when coupled with a Kupo Grip Head provides an excellent solution for precise placement of lights when needing to work over your subject or in awkward and tight positions. The 40" steel extension arm is equipped with a Super Grip Finger 5/8" which acts as a swiveling pin on a ball joint. All axis lock positively with just one ratcheted handle. Use this piece in conjunction with a Kupo 2.5" grip head.
  • All axis lock with just one ratcheted handle
  • Offers 360 degree  movement on one axis while providing 115 inches of movement on the second axis
  • Works extremely well with Kupo 2.5" grip heads
  • Provides the ability to place lights monitors or microphones in awkward positions

Product Weight: 3.22lb (1.46kg)

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