8ft Midi Click Light Stand

CAT #: KS041711


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Features an interlocking mechanism that allows the stand to fold flat and click it to another stand in just a snap. The unique four-way interlocking design provides no boundary of having stands put together and keeping your kits well organized when they are closed for storage or transport. Constructed by lightweight aluminum alloy with compact size makes this portable stand ideal for outside shoots or moving around the studio. Air-cushion is equipped to prevent lighting fixture from slamming down when the locking knob is not tightened properly. Optional strap with two clasps can be attached on the plastic locking loops to easily carry a set over your shoulder. 8ft Midi Click stand with 2 risers, 3 sections Dia. 1’’, 7/8’’, 3/4’’ Leg Dia: ¾, ’’ Air-Cushioned, Baby 5/8" Stud with 3/8”-16 Thread.

  • Designed for studio or location shooting
  • Unique interlocking mechanism allows the stand to fold flat and click to other stands quickly
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy

Product Weight: 1.50lb (0.68kg)

Closed Length: 35.04in (89cm)

Maximum Ext Height: 96in (243.84cm)

Footprint Diameter: 42.91in (109cm)

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