Aluminum Core for Seamless - 9FT (2.75m)

Aluminum Core for Seamless - 9FT (2.75m)

CAT #: KG084312

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Sometimes you may find a roll of seamless without a rigid cardboard core or you may want to use fabric that has no core. This Aluminum core fastens together quickly to make a solid core for use with your Background Paper Drive Set (KG084411) or as a regular crossbar with a couple of Convi Clamps and J Hooks. 

  • Aluminum solid core allows assembly of two sections of the tube quickly and securely with an Allen key
  • Designed for sliding into the seamless paper roll to connect between the paper drive set and a paper roll to prevent the paper roll from being bent because of gravity
  • Tube size: dia. 50mm with 2.75M (9') length. 

Product Weight: 4.65lb (2.11kg)

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