Background Paper Drive Set

Background Paper Drive Set

CAT #: KG084411

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 The Background Paper Drive Set is a pair of adapters that expand and lock securely inside the core of a roll of seamless paper.  One adapter has a plastic cog that accepts a plastic drive chain, so that you can adjust the length of your background comfortably, and a tension control so the background doesn't unroll by itself due to gravity. The chain comes with a hanging chain weight to keep it taught.  The Background Paper Drive Set mounts to specially made hooks that offer many mounting possibilities.  

  • Adapters expand and lock securely
  • Plastic cog accepts plastic drive chain to adjust length easily
  • Tension control keeps background tight so it doesn't unroll
  • Background set mounts to specially made hooks which offer multiple mounting options

Product Weight: 2.40lb (1.09kg)

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