Double Ball Joint Adapter with Dual 5/8in (16mm) Studs

Double Ball Joint Adapter with Dual 5/8in (16mm) Studs

CAT #: KG007112


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This adapter is has a double ball joint secured by a ratcheted handle and two 5/8" (16mm) studs on either side. One stud is tapped with a 1/4"-20 female thread and the other has a 3/8"-16 female thread for a variety of mounting options. Each stud is milled with six flat surfaces to prevent your light fixture or any accessory with a baby receiver from rotating once the set-screw is secured. 

  • Offers the ability to clamp onto a support at odd angles with stands or suction cups
  • Comes with a two ball joint 5/8’’ (16mm) studs, one is tapped for 3/8’’ and the other is for 1/4’ 
  • Both ball joint studs are designed to fit into the baby sockets for Convi Clamp or Super VisBoth ball joint studs are also designed to fit into baby sockets for Convi. clamp, and super viser

Product Weight: 0.73lb (0.33kg)

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