Foamcore Clamp

Foamcore Clamp

CAT #: KG602311


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This simple U-shaped steel design allows you to securely clamp foamcore boards and mount them easily to a grip head.  Comes with a 0.4" (10mm) diameter chrome plated steel stud to connect with a grip head.  Two spike pins are attached with strings to securely attach the foam core through the holes drilled on both sides and the bottom.  For foamcore with 1" (2.54cm) thickness

  • U-shaped steel design with black coating
  • Allows mounting of foamcore boards to a grip head
  • Comes with two chrome plated steel studs to connect with a grip head
  • For foamcore with a 1" (2.54cm) thickness

Product Weight: 5.91lb (2.68kg)

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