High Overhead Roller Stand

High Overhead Roller Stand

CAT #: KS600212


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The High Overhead Stand takes you to altitudes just shy of 20'. Designed primarily to support overhead frames also known as "butterfly frames" this giant is ready to meet your support needs skyward. Each riser is spring cushioned as a safety feature to protect lighting fixtures from a sudden drop if the locking collar becomes loose. The solid steel construction has a maximum load capacity of 88.2 lbs (40 Kg) and is equipped with braked casters to easily reposition heavy loads. Each caster is equipped with a peg that extends past the wheel allowing it to stand upright when collapsed. The High Overhead Stand also features a "true combination" head with a 4 1/2" grip head also known as a "lollipop" and a junior 1/8" (28mm) receiver to accept any kind of mounting challenge.
  • Spring Cushioned Risers

Product Weight: 40.68lb (18.49kg)

Suggested Caster: KC-100G

Closed Length: 73.23in (186cm)

Footprint Diameter: 61.42in (156cm)

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