Tablet Security Holder with Lock

CAT #: KG017311


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This protective case is constructed from tough ABS, case & foam padding for impact resistance and protecting your tablet from bumps or scratches. Features a locking mechanism which can keep the case locked with a 200cm (78”) steel cable & PVC coated security cable allowing you to securely lock up your iPad anywhere. Ideal for offices, schools, dormitories and other public areas where you might take your iPad and leave it momentarily. The Kupo Table Security Holder with Lock fits the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Air (Adaptor brackets is required for iPad Air) .
  • Made from tough ABS
  • Foam padding for impact resistance
  • Locking design offers a perfect security solution
  • Lock with 78.7" (200cm) cable included
  • Ball head locking adapter for easy position
  • Weight:0.68lb (0.29kg)

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