3 Section Extension Pole

CAT #: KG092411


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The extension pole includes one riser and two sections and comes with a 3/8’’-16 thread male on one end and 3/8’’-16 thread female in the other. It can be extended from 10.7" (27cm) to 17" (43cm) and can be locked with the die-casted aluminum wing locking knob.
  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum
  • Can be used with any equipment that matches with the a 3/8"-16 male thread for length extension
  • The extension range is from 27cm (10.70") to 43cm (17").
  • The top can be fitted with any equipment that matches with the 3/8"-16 female thread
  • The die-casting aluminum knob provides a comfortable grip.

Weight: 0.97lb (0.43kg)

Closed Length: 10.70in (27.00cm)

Minimum Height: 27.8in (70.5cm)

Maximum Height: 17in (43.00cm)

Footprint Diameter: 27in (68.6cm)

Suggested Caster: KC-080R

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