6in Vacuum Suction Cup with Compact Camera Bracket

CAT #: KG097311


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6” pumping suction cup equipped with a lightweight angel adjustable camera bracket allows you to do a side-door car mounting to a desired position with ease and comfort. The aluminum mounting plate drilled with 3/8” (10mm) holes to support all ball heads. Unique mechanical interlocking design makes it a snap from side-door to hood car mount. (Supplied with pad protector).
  • 6" pumping suction cup made by rubber material with silicon
  • Red-line indicator for warming vacuum loss
  • Lightweight camera bracket for 13.2lbs (6kg) loading weight
  • Unique mechanical interlocking device makes it a snap for car mounting from hood to side-door
  • Supplied with pad protector

Weight: 0.81lb (0.31kg)

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