U-Grip Gag Grip Head 1.9in

CAT #: KG102012


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Constructed from solid aluminum alloy with black anodized finish, features 1.9” (4.8mm) compact size and super lightweight. Kupo Gag Grip head is also a mini version of 2.5”grip head that can still secure two 5/8” (16mm) tube at any angle with one control knob. Especially designed for car mount shooting or any mounting requirement in movie, television and photographic production industries.
  • Lightweight, ideal for car mount
  • Small volume for easy transportation and storage
  • Dia is only for 5/8" (16mm) tube
  • One lock for two movement
  • Constructed from aluminum alloy with black anodized finish

Weight: 0.66lb (0.26kg)

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