Super Grip Finger with 10in (25.4mm) Steel Auger Spike

CAT #: KG401612


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Made of chrome plate steel, the 25.4cm (10") long auger spike is welded with a swivel 16mm (5/8") baby receiver for ensuring stability of lighting fixtures, cameras and other accessories when drilling into sand or soft ground. Features a ratcheting handle which allows all axis to be locked positively with one locking handle.
  • Ensure stability of your lighting fixtures, camera when drilling into sand of soft ground
  • 5/8" baby receiver and 1-1/8" junior pin for fitting into various stand tops
  • Allows 360 degree rotation and 115 degree pivoting
  • Knob can be stored on the ball joint pivot holder while inserted into junior receiver
  • Made of chrome plate steel

Product Weight: 2.16lb (0.98kg)

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