Toothy Convi Clamp with Half Coupler

Toothy Convi Clamp with Half Coupler

CAT #: KG702112


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The Toothy Convi. Clamp is constructed from high tensile 6061 aluminum extrusion. It fits 2" pipe (48mm to 50mm) and there are double level's counter sunk for M10 or M12 hex head bolt for custom solutions. It is one of the most popular hardware in the industry. Thanks to triggering mechanical design, this clamp is made to help the person rig heavy luminaries with less effort and save working time. Its payload is 220 lbs.

  • Designed for mounting on trees with the teeth devices of clamp
  • Coupler for tube size: 48-50mm
  • SWL: 33lbs (15kgs)
  • Mechanical interlocking design makes the rubber pad firmly adherent on the jaw
  • Made of aluminum

Product Weight: 2.20lb (1kg)

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