Shorty Stand

Shorty Stand

CAT #: KS140211


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The 7' Kupo Shorty Stand is designed to hold loads up to 19.8lbs at a maximum working height of 7" using a 3 riser, 4 section design. The stand features aluminum construction, twin leg braces and a 5/8" female stand top. A universal 5/8" (16mm) stud with 3/8"-16M and 1/4"-20M is attached.
  • Constructed by lightweight aluminum 
  • 5/8"(16mm) receiver with 5/8" (16mm) spigot
  • Casters are optional
  • The stand is assembled by nuts and bolts rather than fixed rivets, to make it easier for maintenance and better for adjusting tightness.

Product Weight: 3.74lbs (1.70kg)

Max height: 83.9" (213cm) 

Max load: 19.8lbs (9kgs)

Suggested Caster: KC-080R

Closed Length: 27.60in (70cm)

Footprint Diameter: 27in (68.60cm)

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