Multi-Sleeve Pouch For iPad Pro

Multi-Sleeve Pouch For iPad Pro

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Made from 1000 Denier Textured Nylon with a padded interior, Kupo Multi Sleeve Pouches are designed to offer a simple and trusted protection for an iPad Pro and any other electronic device. Features the 40mm wide Velcro which keeps your valuable iPad securely in place and easily accessible. A combination of quality and unique features makes the sleeve pouch perfect for a carrying or a storage solution. Made of waterproof polyester, these pouches effectively protects your iPad Pro from moisture.
  • Made by 1000 Denier cordex textured nylon fabric
  • Padded interior for bump and shock absorption offers protection for iPad Pro.
  • Protects your iPad Pro from moisture
  • 40mm wide Velcro keeps your iPad Pro secured in place

Product Weight: 1.21lb (0.55kg)

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