Rope Ratchet Tie Down

Rope Ratchet Tie Down

CAT #: KG096611


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Kupo’s ratcheting rope is a locking tie-down primary designed for easy and securely attaching to the eyelets to tether the top of a stand to the ground or any firm position. The hook is constructed from chrome-plated steel for strength and resistance to corrosion, and has a reinforced nylon outer casting for resistance to wear. The rope is braided by Polyester which is 3/8” (10mm) in diameter and 23’(7M) in length. The rope ratchet has a thumb release for quick detachment. Load capacity up to 250lbs (113.6kg)
  • Constructed from chrome-plated steel and reinforced nylon
  • The rope braided by polyester which is 3/8"( 10mm) in diameter
  • Ideal for rigging camera or lighting fixtures on car 

Product Weight: 1.3lb (0.59kg)

Loading: 113.6kg (250 lbs)

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