Super Convi Clamp Griphead

Super Convi Clamp Griphead

CAT #: KG202711


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This is a small and lightweight component of the Super Convi Clamp and Grip Head with Hex Stud that allows you to insert lighting and grip arms. The Super Convi Clamp securely fastens around a lighting stand or tripod leg or many other sources allowing you to be versatile with your lighting set-ups.
  • Combination of a super convi clamp and grip head which allows you to insert lighting and grip arms
  • Convi clamp can be securely mounted to any tube from 5mm - 51mm
  • Mechanical interlocking design on Convi clamp makes the rubber pad firmly adhere on the jaw
  • V jaws with a special tooth design for better grip

Product Weight: 2.09lb (0.95kg)

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