Midi Ball Head

CAT #: KG006211

Kupo Grip USA

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The Midi Ball Head is constructed from a lightweight aluminum housing. The hard ball moves and locks smoothly into position with a single-action lever, and a groove design allows the head to tilt 90 degrees in one direction for proper orientation. The midi ball head supports up to 8.8lbs (4kg) and can attach to any other tripod whether it has a 1/4"-20 or a 3/8"-16 stud. This head has a 3/8" thread and comes with a reducer bushing to make it compatible with a 1/4"-type stud. A camera can be attached directly to the ball head, or a quick release system can be added to speed up camera attachment. 

  • Supports up to 8.8lbs (4kg) 
  • Moves smoothly into position and locks with a single-action lever
  • Groove design allows it to tilt 90 degree in one direction
  • 1/4"-20 reducer bushing is included
  • Lightweight: 4.9oz (140g) sturdy lightweight aluminum