Mini Viser Clamp with 2in Jaw 1/4in-20 Female

Mini Viser Clamp with 2in Jaw 1/4in-20 Female

CAT #: KG602811


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Kupo Mini Viser Clamp w/2" Jaw 1/4"-20F and 3/8"-16 threaded male stud on the bottom jaw. Added grove design allows keeps the jaws aligned while positioning.
  • Mini version of Super Viser Clamp which features a 1/4''-20 thread female on the dia. 3/8" (10mm) knurled steel rod and a 3/8''-16 male stud in the bottom of the jaw for connecting with variety of lighting and video accessories.
  • Ideal handy clamp for a small backlight to help hold a portable greenscreen, shotgun mic and perfect for confined spaces like tabletop photography or car interior photography
  • Jaws are constructed by alloy die-cast aluminum and mechanically interlocked with rubber pad with superior weather resistance for locking. Maximum gripping range up to 2" ( 51mm).
  • The 1/4"male -1/4"male adapter spigot ( /KG7412) is included.

Product Weight: 0.62lb (0.28kg)

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