Tether Arm Dual Mount 23.6in

Tether Arm Dual Mount 23.6in

CAT #: KG011011

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The Tether Arm is a handy and elegant solution to tethered shooting. The arm center comes with a 3/8’’ receiver, offering an easy mount on the tripod head as a crossbar. Two gliding platforms equipped with a 3/8’’ screw allows double ball-heads to mount for tethered shooting either with two cameras or camera/laptop. A fixed platform with a 3/8’’ screw at both arm ends allows mounting more than two items. 

  • Great for Tethered shooting set-ups.
  • 23.6" Cross Arm with Four 3/8"-16 Mounts
  • Two Side Clamps with 3/8"-16 Mounts
  • Mount Two Cameras on a Single Tripod

Product Weight: 1.08lb (0.49kg)

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