Tilting Umbrella Adapter with 5/8in Studs

Tilting Umbrella Adapter with 5/8in Studs

CAT #: KG007012

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 This adapter enables you to use an umbrella with light fixtures that don't have a place to accept an umbrella shaft.  Reversible 5/8" (16m) studs accompany this adapter. It has (KG000912) 1/4"-20 , 3/8"-16 male threads on either side and the round stud (KG001112) is tapped with 1/4"-20,  3/8"-16 female threads on either side. 

  • Removable and reversible 5/8’’studs with 1/4"-20 and 3/8’’ threads 
  • Can be mounted with various attachments such as umbrellas, soft boxes, strobes and speedlites. 

Product Weight: 0.73lb (0.33kg)

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