Wall Spreader Set for Pipe 1-1/2" Schedule 40

CAT #: KG701812

Kupo Grip USA

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Designed for a background support, or an overhead beam to hang lighting fixtures by rigging of any 1-1/2" round pipe. Put the pipe into the wall spreader ends and then adjust the bolt to insure a tight fit to wall. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions. It comes with 1-1/2’’ schedule 40 which is OD 1.9” (48.3mm) for using pipe between two rigid points.

  • Designed for a background support or overhead beam to hang lighting fixture by placing cut tube
  • Can be used both vertical and horizontal positions
  • Putting pipes into wall spreader ends and adjusting the bolts ensures a tight fits to wall
  • Fit for 1-1/2" schedule 20, which OD is 1.9"(48.3mm)
  • Made of solid steel

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