Wingnut Multi-Spanner

Wingnut Multi-Spanner

CAT #: KG070211


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The WS-140 Wingnut Multi-Spanner is made with maximum versatility for the greatest durability. The cross holder and M8, M10, and M12 metric sizes accommodate many wingnuts and set screws. The tool is made from carbon steel, making it both lightweight and portable; and it meets the demands of the professional rigging industry.
  • Fits M12, M10 & M8 Hex. Bolts
  • 3 x Hex Bolt, 2 x Wingnut, 2 x Setscrews, 1 x Key Chain, 1 x Bottle Opener, 1 x Flat Screw Driver

Product Weight: 0.85lb (0.39kg)

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